Sunday, September 11, 2011

New art project: Mixed Media Collages

August was a busy month for me at work and I did not have time to work much on my art.   To rest from all the hard work, I took a week vacation for my birthday (9/2); rested a lot and also worked on some art projects.   My last blog was about paper making and I had the idea to use the handmade paper for a collage.   I had made collages before using paper I painted with acrylic paint and decided to do the same but using my handmade paper.   

I also decided to incorporate a technique I learned at my last workshop at the Pullen Art Center: sewing the paper together instead of gluing.   Our instructor had suggested sewing paper together on monotype print and I have also seen some artists sew paper art to mat board.  The result of my project is three mixed media collages which actually look like paper quilts.   Below are pictures of the project; let me know what you think.
The handmade paper with watercolor paint and below paper cut in small pieces to start the collage

I started putting the collage together and below are picture of the collages just before sewing

 One of the collages after sewing and below the three finished collages.  Using color pencils, I added some birds to the lighthouse collages, windows to the buildings and the bridge to the last collage.   I still have to come up with tittles for the collages.  Stay tuned!

 Took me a few days to create and I am very happy with the result!