Saturday, April 28, 2012

What I did during a break from my shop on Etsy

I took a break from running my shop, Pascale’s Studio on Etsy for a couple of months… or more.   I was so busy with my day job, could not keep up with running the shop and my day job; I was getting very frustrated.   I felt that my creativity was very low and felt that I was losing the joy of creating new work.   Brief, I needed a break!

During that time, I decided to take some classes and workshops at the local art center; the Pullen Art Center.   I have taken a monotype workshop there before (see my post of Saturday, June 18, 2011).  I took two six weeks classes and one weekend workshop.   I took a printmaking class, a drawing class and a portrait drawing workshop.  It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot of new drawing techniques s and new printmaking processes. 
To say the least; this was a great way  for me to get back to what is most important, the joy of creating.
Below I have included pictures of the art work I have created with explanation of the techniques  used.
Let me know what you think!

Printmaking class

Eiffel Tower block/linocut print

Monotype print: I free painted this landscape on plexiglass and printed it on paper using a press

Drypoint printing: lines are scratches on a plate (plexiglass)  and the plate in inked and ran through the press and voila!  I love this image. :) 

Collagraph: I build a plate with yarn and cardboard, inked it and ran it through the press and got those two prints

I used yarn to built a plate and ink it twice with those two colors to get this print

The plate is first inked and positioned on press, the paper to be collaged is glued on back and placed glue side up onto the plate; the paper is placed over the plate and run through the press (

Drawing class

Drapery in charcoal

Self portrait in charcoal