Sunday, October 21, 2012

Solarplate Prints: Week Five!

More pictures from my Solarplate printing class.
Orange peppers print
Ghost print of the Orange peppers
Blue peppers print

Ghost print of the blue peppers
I added orange to the plate after printing the ghost and
 this is the result!
My attempt at abstract!
First ghost print
Second ghost print
Next week is our last class and I will have more prints to post.



Sunday, October 7, 2012

Solarplate prints

The past two classes have been so much fun!  I learn so much and I have included below images of the prints I have created with the solarplates. 

This is the print I made with my first solarplate.  I used oil-based black ink.
Same plate, but I used green water-based ink.
This is a relief or embossed plate.  I first exposed the plate
(without the aquatint screen)
 with the peppers transparency (below) for 30 seconds;
 cleaned and brushed it under running water.
 I then dried it and post exposed the plate for 5 minutes

The peppers print! :).   I used three colors; dark blue; green and then off white. 
 Below are two ghost prints I made of the same plate.
In this print I used too much ink.   But I do like the ghost print below.

 Another relief-embossed plate.

I didn't ink the plate and sent it to the press to get this embossed print.

Here I inked the plate with pink ink and a brush to push the ink down. 
I then clean the top of the plate and inked the top with off white
(lightly using a Brayer).
 Et voila!  I love this print!

Same embossed process with a flower pattern.


Stay tuned.  More prints to come!