Saturday, June 18, 2011

Monoprint workshop at the Pullen Art Center

Last weekend I took an Experimental Printing workshop in Monoprint/Monotype Techniques with A Brooke Heuts at the Pullen Art Center.  The workshop was great!   I had a wonderful time and learned a lot about printing.   The workshop introduced me to using different materials to print.  I explored relief printmaking using a plastic fern leaf, others used blocks and printed directly from found objects such as mesh bags, strings and lace.  We also used rubber stamps and explored mixed media and collage.  As you can see below, it was great fun and it was great creating art work freely.
You can see A. Brooke Heuts work in her website.  She is a great instructor and has conveyed to me the excitement and freedom of the monoprint process.   I cannot wait to take another printing workshop or class with her.

I made this print by inking a lace type paper with the red ink and pressing it on the plate.  I then used the plate to print on the paper using the press.   The paper has to be wet so we kept our paper in a tub of  water.  My next step was to ink flowers using a brush and then put the plate and paper through thepress.   The other prints I made below followed the same process.

Under the Sea
I used a piece of mess bag for the sky and water.   I painted the grass, and used a wine cork for the red and green circles.

Texture Blocks

I used different materials for this print.  Cardboad, textured paper and a water-soluble pencil (purple stem).

Three Orange Leaves

I used a plastic fern for this print and the two prints below.  

Green and While Leaves 1

Green and White Leaves 2

Block Landscape

In this print, I rolled together two different blues and came up with the gradation of color in the sky.  I used the plates for the buildings and the grass.

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