Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ginkgo - Symbol of Love - Part I

During a relaxing walk at lunch time, I came across a ginkgo tree.  I have seen ginkgo leaves before but I never actually touched one.  These are quite pretty leaves, beautiful greens and nice soft texture.  On the internet, I found that the Ginkgo is a symbol of love and is also associated with longevity and the unity of opposites...nice!  I also found that the Ginkgo is one of the oldest living tree species,  Darwin called it a living fossil.  So amazing for a little tree I have been walking by without noticing. 
Of course I had to make some prints from those leaves.  Prints of ginkgo leaves have been done before, below is my own interpretation.
I used the linocut process and have included below pictures of the process.

Beautiful ginkgo leaves

I drew the leaves on tracing paper and transferred the picture to the linoleum plate

Same process here; will use this plate for note cards

Have started carving; I really enjoy this part.  It's a slow and delicate process to get it right the first time.

More carving...

Voila; four ginkgo leaves plate

One ginkgo leaf plate; will use this plate for note cards as well, or small prints for wall decor

I see more note cards in the future...

On my way to print these, can't wait to see the result...
A bientot!

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