Sunday, February 24, 2013

Paper Lithography Prints on Wood Panels

Paper lithography or Gum Arabic transfer is a form of printing where a xerox copy of an image is used as the printing plate.   Once you ink the xerox copy, the Gum Arabic will repel the ink from the white areas of the copy and adhere to the dark areas (where there is toner). This is one of my favorite printing process and this time I am mounting them on wood Panels.

I used the following materials:

Black and white xerox copies of a photograph I took
Daniel Smith oil based etching ink
Gum Arabic 
Japanese printing paper (Kitakata)

Wood Panels
Golden Matte Medium
Liquitex Matte Varnish

Preparing the xerox copies (plates), I used a few, up to four for one print

Oil based etching ink
Inked brayer
I used Kitakata Japanese paper.  I have had the best results with it and it's my favorite printing paper
Inking the plate
Printing, ink transfer to paper
I used up to four layers of different colors, this is the third layer 
I let the print dry for at least two days before I mounted it on to the wood panel.  I use the Golden  Matte Medium as glue
 I let the wood panel dry for 24 hours and then trimmed the excess paper.   And lastly I varnished the print; I used  up to four coats of varnish.
Voila!  Finished Paper Lithography print on a wood panel
Working on those prints which will soon be listed at Pascale's Studio
My favorite!

Check Pascale's Studio for new prints on wood panels; ready to be hanged in your favorite rooms!

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