Monday, September 23, 2013

Portrait Workshop at the Pullen Art Center with Liz Hume

This past weekend, I enrolled in a portrait workshop at the Pullen Art Center.  Liz Hume was the instructor; you can see her work in this website.   It was a two days workshop and we drew portraits from the masters. I chose Juan de Pareja by Velazquez.  It was a fun project and below are some pictures.  I still have a few hours of work on this portrait; I will post the finish portrait soon.

Juan de Pareja by Velazquez

My attempt; this is after the first three hours.  Used HB and 2B pencils on light tinted drawing paper.

This is after the second day; six hours of drawing.   I may work on it for another six hours or more.  I love the hair! :-)

Let me know what you think; I welcome some feedback.

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